Terms and Conditions

Terms of Sale

All products on eSeller.ca are sold as-is.

Product Condition

All products on eSeller.ca have been tested and are in working order.

Funko Pops!

All of our Funko Pops! will be shipped with care as we know that box condition is important to collectors. Additionally, all new Funko Pops! have never been removed from the original packaging.

If you are very particular about box condition, we do not recommend buying from eSeller.ca. Condition is subjective and we cannot guarantee to meet the high standards that some select customers may have.

What do we consider damage?

  • Anything that changes the shape of the box
  • Creases or dents that can be felt
  • Any writing or marking on the box done after market

What do we not consider damage?

  • Production flaws (ink dots that are not supposed to be there)
  • Rounded (instead of crisp) window
  • Anything that would not be noticed unless you scrutinize up close
  • Slight fading or wear due to age
New (Very Good)No damage.
New (Good)Small creases, dents, or dings.
New (Acceptable)Still in packaging, but box damage is very noticeable.
Loose (Good)No packaging included.
Loose (Acceptable)No packaging included and has damage.

Disc Based Video Games

All disc based video games on eSeller.ca include the case, artwork, disc, and manual at a bare minimum and will be identified with one of the conditions.

New (Factory Sealed)Game has never been opened and still has the factory seal with y-fold.
New (Sealed)Game has never been opened and has been re-sealed.
NewGame has never been opened and has no seal.
Used (Like New)Game has been opened and the disc and/or case show little to no signs of use.
Used (Very Good)Game has been opened and the disc and/or case show minimal signs of use (e.g. minor disc scratches).
Used (Good)Game has been opened and the disc and/or case show visible signs of use (e.g. a moderate amount of disc scratches).
Used (Acceptable)Game has been opened and the disc and/or case show heavy signs of use (e.g. countless disc scratches and case damage).


Payment is accepted via PayPal or Credit Card.


Shipping is currently only available to Canada and the United States and all packages will be shipped via Canada Post.


DestinationPrice RangeHandling TimeDelivery Time
Canada$10 – $151 – 3 Business Days2 – 5 Business Days
United States$15 – $201 – 3 Business Days4 – 8 Business Days

Refunds and Returns

Requests for refunds and/or returns will be reviewed on a case by case basis. eSeller.ca has sole discretion over whether the refund and/or return will be accepted.